Who is Troop 30  

Troop 30 has been training the future leaders of Watertown since 1917, Welcome to Troop 30, the best Boy Scout Troop in Watertown.

Boy Scouts picks up where Cub Scouts left off. Boy Scouting expands on some of the ideals of Cub Scouting and adds yet others. However, Boy Scouts is fundamentally different from Cub Scouts. In Cub Scouts the parents are responsible for the Scouts development and take a very active role. Boy Scouts on the other hand, sees Scouts forming a sense of self and assists them in a time of great personal development. The parents and council members take on the role of facilitator, providing the infrastructure and tools that enable the leaders to lead, and the Scouts to grow. The leaders take on the role of guide and instructor, demonstrating skills that teach self-reliance, responsibility, citizenship, and respect.

We, the Assistant Scoutmasters of Troop 30, were told that our troop was being disbanded, the money and gear dispersed. Initially we gathered to plan a closing ceremony for the troop. Letting Troop 30 be disbanded, the troop that had given us so much, the troop that was the last refuge of Scouting in Watertown, was not something we were willing to do.

We are planning a program that will enable the Scouts of Troop 30 to advance to First Class by the end of the year. Based around a well laid out schedule and a strong outdoor program, we will provide them with the skills and enthusiasm to make it to Scoutings highest ranks.

With over thirty years of Boy Scouting experience, we hope to reestablish the troop as a strong presence in the community, and provide the parents and future leaders with the knowledge required to effectively manage the troop long after we are gone. We appreciate any comments, advice or creative criticism that anyone has to offer that will help us craft a better program, and look forward to working with the parents to make this a richer more rewarding experience for the Scouts.

"It is not up to the parents, council, or leaders whether the scouts advance to First Class and beyond. It is up to the scout himself."

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